Thinking of selling your house, but worried because we are entering into the holiday session? You may find it surprising, but this is a great time to  sell.  The holidays are often thought of as a the worse time for  real estate transactions, but that is far from the truth. Below are a few reasons why the upcoming months is the best time. 

Time Off

With all the time off from work  around the holidays, buyers have more time to shop and relocate.  Realtors have an increase in showing appointments when buyers have a few days off of work.  


Louisiana has wonderful fall weather prompting buyers to view current homes on the market. Buyers excitement grows even more on the first day of autumn temperatures because the relief from high heat tends to produce an energetic nature and gets us moving more.  Louisiana winter months are generally mild however rain chances do tend to increase. No worries though as Buyers want just that because they can access water drainage in the area & be able to view if the yard holds a lot of moisture or not. 


The more holiday decorations the better. Decorate, decorate & decorate some more! Have fun! Decorating your home in holiday decor sets a cozy mood for Buyers and helps them envision future holidays with their family in your home.  This is also a perfect time to use holiday scented fragrances during showing appointments  which adds more of the comfortable holiday feel. 

Thinking of selling your home? We can help!! Core Property Consultants has a group of licensed Realtors whose passion and daily drive is to get your home sold.  We love being a part of seeing clients achieve their goals. Core Property Consultants understands marketing is key, therefore we hit it from all angles.  We combine our knowledge with “out of the box” marketing techniques and latest technology when showcasing our home listings.  


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  Core Property Consultants was founded by Jennifer Hutchinson, Broker. The company specializes in Residential, Commercial, and Land. The directors chose to have three divisions within the company as  Realtors have more experience and knowledge in one area versus little knowledge in all areas.  Each Realtor was carefully chosen by the directors of the company to serve in their field as top notch, stellar Real Estate Consultants.