The Real Truth for Parents-Back to School Tips

Jennifer Hutchinson
Jennifer Hutchinson
Published on August 3, 2017

Parents, do you get tired of reading the same Back to School tips every year? I’m sure reading parenting skills gives you sense of comfort and security as you envision your precious children following all the guidelines. But deep down, you know the truth of the difficult task at hand as you attempt to reach all acceptations that have been set forth with these ridiculous online parenting advice articles.  You all know there is a very small chance that your high expectations will happen as they should. For the majority of parents, you will learn too quickly on the first day of school as reality hits by the time your children head out the door to school. 

Let’s be real for a moment with The Real Truth- Parents Back to School Tips:


  • Calmly explain to your child that those summertime days of eating peanuts with reckless abandon are officially over
  • Prepare a study area in a quiet part of the house where you can complete your child’s homework without any distractions
  • Children who eat healthy, balanced breakfasts tend to do better in school. Find out which kids do that, and instruct your children to cheat off them
  • Listen to your children’s feelings about returning to school before telling them the right ones to have
  • Take a tour of the school to get a feel for the place and realize how easily it’d be for some strange adult to just wander around your child like that
  • Train your child for the classroom by crating them seven hours a day
  • Purchase only no-name and off-brand clothes for your children to ensure that they are viewed as shrewd and individualistic by their peers
  • Make sure your child’s typewriter has plenty of paper and a fresh ink ribbon



  • Mark your calendar with orchestra concerts and science fairs so you can schedule work conflicts ahead of time
  • Get your child excited about spending time at school by escalating the viciousness of your fights with your spouse at home
  • Rehearse your child’s family vacation story thoroughly so no one knows about the 12 straight weeks of iPad
  • Send your kid to private school, if we’re being real here
  • Make sure that education is a top priority for your family by having a flexible white-collar job that allows you to help your child with homework

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The Real Truth for Parents-Back to School Tips
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